Updating Existing Installation

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Updating an existing installation is pretty easy. You simply uninstall the old application and then install the new MSI.

To allow for rollback, perform the following:

  1. First, backup your executable directory. Also backup your coolearth directory (C:\Coolearth). Currently there are several important files that are kept in these directories--primarily the counters for Pallet, Case and the ATF generator. They do not get removed when you uninstall the application and will remain unchanged after you reinstall. So, you do not want to clear these files and directories out. A simple uninstall will be fine.
  2. If you are recovering onto a new machine, these counter files will need to be copied to the new machine or manually created. Newer version of the Reporting Station will do this for you automatically. There is also a maintenance screen off of the Admin Menu where you can set these values.

Creating or Updating a Spare Reporting Station:

  1. Creating a new spare or updating an existing spare for use will require some manual intervention.
  2. First, confirm the version of the software on the console is at least as new as the one being replaced, otherwise you will want to uninstall and re-install (or simply install) the latest version of the application.
  3. Next, you will need to copy or prime the Pallet, Case and ATF counter files found in the application folder.
    1. In the case of copying from the replacement console, so long as the last transaction was relatively recent, you should be able to copy the files or their numeric contents and simply advance them a few digits. Often times rounding to the next 1000 helps demark a break between consoles.
    2. In the case that you are updating an existing spare, you MOST CERTAINLY will need to update the numeric contents of these files with either numbers from the previous console (as described above) or you will need to fetch these numbers from the Database.
      1. In the case of fetching for the Database, you will need to obtain the following :
        1. Pallet: select max(wms_conthdr_key) from wms_pmint_tbl where sf_plant_key = 'PLANTCODE' and wms_conthdr_key like '2300%' (or other line of pallets #'s)
        2. Case: select max(wms_contcase_key) from wms_pmintdtl_tbl where wms_conthdr_key = (from the above query)
        3. ATF: This you will have to estimate from as its base-36: select wms_pmint_control from wms_pmint_tbl where wms_conthdr_key = (from the above query)