Gainco Scale Factory Reset Situation

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Factory Reset Situation

The device usually comes from the factory calibrated and set with the serial port turned on and set to the proper baud rate, but a factory reset can leave the serial port in the incorrect condition.

Using the procedure for doing scale setup in the main settings, you will need to set:

  • F1.5.6 must be set to RS232

Set this and Save.

If you have done a factory reset, you will also need to recalibrate the device. This procedure is shown in the factory manual.

Resetting the Scale

You can reset the scale to factory defaults by using the F3 setting in the scale. This really isn't advisable, but may be necessary if the scales configuration has become corrupted.

You will probably need to deal with the above 1.5.6 setting--and possibly others depending on the firmware revision of the scale.