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Window Settings (Ctrl-L, select Window Settings)

Confirm Success - checkbox
Default to on. This will put up a message when the load plan has successfully completed.
Allow multiple shipments - checkbox
With this setting turned on, orders that are partially shipped will not be closed and additional shipments may be made against the same order in the future.
Collect stop numbers - checkbox
When this option is turned on, the Change Stop field will display on the screen.
Auto-schedule - checkbox
When this option is turned on, the load will automatically be scheduled, if it isn't already scheduled.
Collect Bin - checkbox
Default to On. When this option is turned on, the Bin field will be available.
Display amounts in metric - checkbox
When this option is turned on, if the amounts are stored in Avoirdupois, they will be converted to metric and displayed. If it is off, the amounts are converted to Avoirdupois, if necessary, before being displayed.
Allow single order on many loads - checkbox
Allows a single order to be assigned to many different loads.
Auto assign and increment load number - checkbox
Will automatically create load numbers if the user doesn't enter one. Company specific setting.