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“Quality” refers to the status of a Track # or Lot #: active or inactive. An “Active” status allows a container to be moved, shipped, or otherwise altered. An “Inactive” status (Hold, Hard Hold, Ship Hold) renders a container inaccessible based on the status type. “Hold” means the inventory cannot be issued or shipped. “Hard Hold” places the inventory into a predefined Hard-Hold ERP location, which is often non-nettable, with an associated stock-move. “Ship Hold” allows the inventory to be issued, but not shipped.

Only certain users shall be authorized to update the quality status of a container. The authorization is set up using the users permission functionality in Adage.


To return to the Main menu, highlight the "<Back>" button and press "Enter", or press the "Esc" key.

How to choose a menu option:

Either highlight the desired function and press ‘Enter’ or simply enter the number of the option you wish to choose. Whistle will bring you to the appropriate screen.

Quality Menu Settings