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* [[CePro Introduction|Introduction]]
* [[CePro Introduction|Summary]]
**  Requirements
**  Requirements
**  Version/Flavors/Modes
**  Version/Flavors/Modes

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Welcome to the On-line Whistle Reporting Station Users Guide.

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For Whistle .NET The Coolearth Production Reporting Station System is a workstation for reporting new inventory at point of production. Whistle cases and containers are produced as needed, and proper interfacing to the ERP system is done.

  • Summary
    • Requirements
    • Version/Flavors/Modes
    • Integration Options
    • Hardware
      • PLC, scales, printers, etc
    • Software
      • ERP, Queues, Logs, Publishing, Reporting/BI
  • Configurations Instructions
  • Deployment Instructions
  • Usage
  • Trouble-shooting

Part I - Introduction to Whistle Reporting Station

Part II - Configuration and Operation