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Whistle Server comes from the installer with a default settings file: whistleserver.exe.config. It is located in the Program Files directory holding the Whistle Server installation. The service, as installed, will run under the LOCAL SERVICE context from the Windows servers on which is was deployed.

This file contains a host of feature settings used to configure the service.

   <add key="OrchestratorDbString" value="Database=THEDATABASE;Server=sqlsvr.mycompany.com;User Id=dbuser;Password=dbpassword;Persist Security Info=true;" />
   <add key="ServiceDebug" value="true" />
   <add key="ConfigProviderXX" value="LocalCache" />
   <add key="ERPClass" value="Adage" />
   <add key="ERPVersion" value="5" />
   <add key="ERPInforATFPath" value="c:\temp\ATF-Files" />
   <add key="ConfigProvider" value="LocalCache" />
   <add key="TransportsEnable" value="MSMQ" />
   <add key="ReceiverQueueName" value=".\Private$\Orchestrator" />
   <add key="TransactionQueueName" value=".\Private$\WhistleTransactions" />
   <add key="Transactions.DiskQueueEnable" value="true" />
   <add key="ClientSettingsProvider.ServiceUri" value="" />
   <add key="LoggingDirectory" value="c:\Temp" />
   <add key="EnableFileLogging" value="True" />
   <add key="EnableSQLLogging" value="True" />
   <add key="Whistle_RecvDefaultProdDate" value="NOW" />
   <add key="EnableXMLSocketListener" value="True" />
   <add key="WebServerPort" value="http://+:9000/" />
   <add key="EnableWebServer" value="True" />
   <add key="EnableDBQueue" value="True" />
   <add key="EnableDiskQueue" value="True" />
   <add key="EnableEventProcessor" value="True" />
   <add key="AutoCreateTables" value="True" />
   <add key="HTML Client Project" value="Client_QC" />
   <add key="DisableLoggingThreads" value="DBStateMonitor,ApplicationSessionStatus,EventProcessor,DatabaseQueue,UpdateVariableKeys,TDF Cache: VariableValues,TDF Cache: wms_bin_tbl,TDF Cache: ItemPackCache,TDF Cache: ContainerByTypeCache,TDF Cache: ZoneListCache,TDF Cache: UomListCache,TDF Cache: Workstations" />

Toggling any of the True/False settings will turn on or off the applicable functionality.

Any setting changes will require a restart of the WhistleServer service.

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