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So you have a quality plan, and your HACCP is a hassle. Your quality people are busy recording and filing endless reams of data. You are under constant stress: accountable for the health and safety of consumers, while consumed with repetitive chores that may reveal WHAT happened, but won’t show WHY. And won’t PREVENT disastrous situations.

Finally, Coolearth has an affordable answer. QC Results is a multi-tier data collection system used on both the shop-floor and in the back-office. Paper QC forms used in the past can be replaced with new electronic forms. The QC Results forms write to database tables which can store things such as numbers, pictures, notes and time/date information. From there, reporting systems can be built to closely track and analyze the data coming from your plant or warehouse.

QC Results automates your quality control data collection, eliminates paperwork, and reduces the amount of effort it takes to get to the heart of what is important to you: data that tells the story of the current state of your inventory. You can find the information you need to make decisions without having to wade through file cabinets of forms.

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