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Reporting Functionality

  • Catchweighted/Randomweight Reporting (with or without a palletizer) - Capture weight from a scale and report individual cases with highly customizable labels. Palletizer will generate pallet tags.
  • Netweight/Nominalweight Reporting with Giveaway(with palletizer) - Report pallets of netweighted cases. Cases can optionally be individually weighted to capture giveaway and has the same case label system as the catchweighted cases. Pallet tags are generated.
  • Bulk reporting Netweight/Nominalweight - Automatically generate pallets of netweighted items with pallet tags. Generic (uncasetracked) case labels may also be optionally printed in bulk (customized with production dates and order/lot information).
  • Bulk Reporting By Weight - Bulk containers can be reported and pallet tags generated. This can also be used for WIP.

Line Architectures

  • Static Scale
  • Weight-In-Motion
  • Photo-Eye
  • Printer Based

Label Features

  • Bartender or Videojet (or similar) printing systems
  • Customized Labels Per Item
  • Different default labels per line
  • Access to large number of data fields
  • Printing architecture is configurable -- possible to use other printing engines
  • Database storage of labels in central database via the Bartender Librarian

Yield Chain (WIP)

  • Compute Yield Loss
  • Automatic Issue Incoming Container into Outgoing Order
  • Tie together WIP items through their processing

Miscellaneous Features

  • Alternate Container ID
  • Integration with QC Screens