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QC Specs

QC Spec Engine

The QC Spec Engine is a specification engine that applies the specification types and tolerances to entered data. The data is then either found to be in or out of the available ranges that are specified. Certain ranges or tolerances can then be given values and are worth points for scoring. Certain data or their values can then be cause for a pass or fail scenario on that field or the entire page.

QC Spec Maintenance


The QC Specifications are held in the QC Spec Maintenance window. Data specifications from the QC Specs system can be used to drive the behavior of QC Results forms.

Spec Groups and Spec Key Types

The first thing the user is presented with when working the QC Specs Maintenance window are the Spec Group and Spec Key Type drop-downs. Spec Groups are set up using the QC Spec Groups Maintenance.

Specs are broken down into groups called Spec Groups (first field on the maintenance). A given QC form may choose to use a collection of specs that are fetched by the spec group key.

The Spec Key can currently come in two different flavors: Item spec keys and product spec keys. This is designated be specifying a spec type on the record. If the spec type is product, you get a product drop-down in the main when entering the spec key.

Spec Index is for when you need to execute multiple specs at once, it specifies which order to execute them in as well as providing a unique key.

Spec Name is used as an identifier for a particular spec and to tie control (specified in the forms designer) on the QC form to a specific row or rows in the qcSpecs table.

The next part is specifying a Spec Type. These come in any of the following flavors:

  • Open Range (doesn't include endpoints)
  • Closed Range (includes endpoint values)
  • TargetValueEquality
  • Qualitative
  • AQL

Here is what you need to fill out for each type:

  • Open Range, and Closed Range - These types of specs use the "Lower Control Limit" and/or "Upper Control Limit" column (and optionally the soft Process limits also) values to execute their constraints.
  • Target Value Equality - This spec needs the "Target Value" column to be filled in. If the input value equals the Target Value, the spec passes otherwise it fails.
  • Qualitative - This type of spec wants the Qualitative Target text column to be filled out. This is just for display purposes mainly to show the user what they are shooting for.
  • AQL - This type of spec needs the AQL column to be filled out. It uses the sample size along with this AQL value to calculate the accept/reject limits by using a built in formula.

Each type of spec can have a score associated with it as well, which is held in the "Score Points" column.

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