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QC Results can be set up with different levels of security assigned to your users. This allows you to divide tasks between users, with one person collecting the data, another completing the form (setting the status so the form can no longer be changed), and having various levels of data review.

An example of the roles that can be set up include:

  • Users - these are the ones who are only allowed to collect the data. Once collected, they cannot make changes.
  • Leads - after the users collect the data, the lead will mark the forms "Complete". Once this happens, the forms cannot be altered.
  • Supervisory - the supervisor will sign off on the work that has been completed, and brought to them for approval.
  • Administrator - these workers will have full access to do anything necessary.

Please see the section on User Configurations under the Configuration section on the Installation page.

Form Specific Security and Permissions

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