QC Results Table Maintenance

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The QC Results system comes with a screen that lives inside of Studio which allows users to view and maintain the data that has been collected. Typically, access to this screen would only be available to administrators. There are basically two different modes to this screen that are governed by security permissions, one that lets you view the data and one that lets you both view and edit the data. Normally you wouldn’t want to change the data that has been collected, but it is possible in this system for super-administrators to have this ability should they ever need it.

Below is a screenshot that shows a user editing a row that was created earlier with the QC Results client.


A list of available projects and screens is used to select which table to load. First the user must select a project they wish to load and then a screen within that project. Screens that have no keys and therefore no backing table will not show up in the screen list.


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