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QCResults keeps it's running configuration in a MongoDb called ServerSettings. These are initially generated by a Factory Reset Script and may be modified via a maintenance screen.

The system will generally operate with the defaults from the Factory Settings, but some, such as where servers are and such must be customized to start the system.

Here's a partial list of the current settings:


* Dock Scheduler Time Format - Time format to display in the dock scheduler grids.
* Dock Scheduler Future Time - Shows records that are this far in the future
* Dock Scheduler Load Plan Comment - Value written to the Load Plan Comment field
* Loading Docks
* Loading Docks Setup
* Dock Scheduler Calendar Display Format - Text to display in the calendar for a truck event
* Dock Scheduler Calendar Interval - Interval to use
* Purchase Order ERP Interface
* QC Form Persistence
* QC Sample persist
* Integration Server
* LoadPlan ERP Interface
* Sales Order ERP Interface
* Outbound Warehouse Transfer ERP Interface
* Inbound Warehouse Transfer ERP Interface
* CETS Persistence
* ERP Universe
* ERP Interface Session Token
* ERP User Login
* ERP Cache Base

"Integration Server" is the name of your IIS server where the Whistle webservices are running.

"ERP Universe" is usually blank, but can be set to a application container on your IIS server if you have more than one.

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