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ASN Overview

Whistle will create outbound ASN files for shipment transactions from either the Shipping Window, the Load/Ship Window and the WT Push Window.

These ASN files come in different flavors (Flatfiles, XML, HL-XML and Database Table output). Whistle can provide one to many of each type for each shipment.

ASN Settings

Associated Settings :

  • IBP Path - Used to set the outbound file path for IBP ASN Flatfile types.
  • TARGET Path - Used to set the outbound file path for TARGET ASN FLATFILE and XML/HL-XML ASN file types.
  • X12 Compliant ASN - Used to additionally supply the XML/HL-XML ASN's with X12 Compliant (required) data elements.
  • Do ASN Interfaces - Used for QAD to turn ASN Generation on.

Setting Switches :

  • Do IBP interfaces - Switch to create output of IBP ASN Flatfile types.
  • Do TARGET interfaces - Switch to create output of TARGET Flatfile types.
  • Generate ASN XML - Switch to create output of XML file types.
  • Generate ASN XML Hierarchical Levels - Switch to create output of HL (Hierarchical Level) - XML file types.
  • ERP Version (QAD) - Switch sends ASN output to a Database Table output format. Tables listed below.



With the Switch(es) turned on and file paths configured, Whistle will generate all of the ASN output for each shipment where the ship-to is configured from each of the shipment transaction windows.

These transaction will also be logged in the wmASNHistory table. The files are available for pick-up and transmission/translation upon creation.

Configuring Ship-To's

Whether in the ar_ship_ext or wms_arship_ext extension tables, Whistle is looking for the ar_ship_asn flag to be set that matches the ar_ship_key according to the shipment (sales or warehouse transfer) order.

Placing an entry for each ar_ship_key and setting the ar_ship_asn flag to (1) will trigger ASN generation.


  • wmASNHistory (All ERP)
  • ar_ship_ext (All ERP)
  • wms_asnhdr_tbl (QAD ERP)
  • wms_asndtl_tbl (QAD ERP)
  • wms_arship_ext (QAD ERP)
  • QAD ASN Table Schema


Example/Description Output: